14 October - 15 November 2013

­The winners of the EXPOSURE 13 Award are Nicole Buning, Scarlett Lingwood, Luana Duvoisin Zanchi, all graduates of Goldsmiths, University of London. Now in its fifth year, EXPOSURE Award is recognised as a prestigious prize that provides winning graduates from a British art school the opportunity to exhibit within a professional gallery context.

Nicole Buning’s animated film Meanwhile, elsewhere investigates our relationship to space. Translating urban cityscapes and pasture landscapes into delicate miniature paper forms, the viewer is prompted to consider the centrality of their own body as their vehicle for perception. Buning’s work brings into play the curious tension between this confined perspective, within the wider experience of the environment.

Meanwhile, elsewhere includes music by Niklas Stade, drummer of the band Neufundland.

Scarlett Lingwood has recently been exploring the ways that unexpected encounters can affect the way she works. Her installation, Untitled, for Exposure 13 Award, came from an encounter on the street with a stranger who remarked “Hello, you look lost.” Despite the fact she knew exactly where she was coming from and where she was going, these words made her feel on diversion.

Untitled includes a large-scale drawing, a photograph and audio, which differently approach the themes of mapping, ambiguity and orienting oneself.

The making of Luana Duvoisin Zanchi’s work gives a quietly obsessive attention to materials. It deals with the grasping of things in and through the body: a visual tremor that unfolds into a sense of touch, the qualities of surfaces, the temperature of things. It is a persistent effort to make approaches to a moment that is both gone and that remains as a conviction of experience; it is not that it means something, simply that it means.

The judging panel for the EXPOSURE 13 Award comprised of Professor Michael Archer, Leader of BA Fine Art at Goldsmiths College, and Ziba Ardalan, Director/Curator of Parasol unit foundation for contemporary art.