Julien Tiberi, The Panoramic Dailies #2, installation view at Parasol unit, London, 2017. Photograph by Benjamin Westoby.

Julien Tiberi: The Panoramic Dailies #2

29 March - 12 August 2017

Julien Tiberi’s intriguing large-scale, dyed concrete sculpture, The Panoramic Dailies #2, portrays a group of huddled figures engrossed in something mysterious. As if to mimic the concrete composition, the viewer moves around the congregation, curiously trying to find out what is hidden in the centre of the crowd.

The sculpture is linked to representations of groups but more specifically urban gatherings seen in the history of satire. Within the artist’s oeuvre, sculpture acts as an extension to his series of drawings of crowds and gatherings whose characters seem to congregate around a particular event, or where individuals are lost in a common act which seems to absorb their individuality. Tiberi explores the concept of quantum entanglement within his works, a phenomenon where pairs or groups interact in such a way that they cannot be defined independently of others.

Julien Tiberi, born 1979, Marseille, now lives and works in Paris.