Luc Tuymans in conversation

Artist talk

Luc Tuymans in conversation

with Gert Robijns and Pieter Vermeesch

Wednesday 9 September, 7pm
£6/4 conc.

Luc Tuymans will be talking with two of the selected artists exhibiting in The Gap and discussing ideas around abstraction. The Gap, is a group show of abstract works by Belgian artists, from the mid-twen­tieth century until the present. Together they will be talking about the specific formal qualities that the artworks possess, observing developments with this movement culturally specific to Belgium perhaps revealing a current in Belgian art that never lost its relevance

Widely credited with having contributed to the revival of painting in the 1990s, Belgian artist Luc Tuymans continues to assert its relevance by addressing a diverse range of topics. Quiet, restrained, and at times unsettling, his works engage equally with questions of history and its representation as with quotidian subject matter cast in unfamiliar and eerie light. Painted from pre-existing imagery, they often appear slightly out-of-focus and sparsely coloured, like third-degree abstractions from reality.


Image credit: Alex Salinas