Introduction to The Pure Necessity

Artist talk

Introduction to The Pure Necessity

With David Claerbout + Ziba Ardalan

Saturday 25 January, 12:30-12:45 pm - E.A.T. Zuoz, Switzerland

This is an opportunity to hear artist David Claerbout and curator Ziba Ardalan give an introduction to The Pure Necessity at Engadin Art Talks (E.A.T.) in Zuoz, Switzerland. Afterwards, guests have the chance to view the 2D animated film at the Romanesque Chapel of San Bastiaun, Zuoz, where it is currently presented until 7 March 2020.

The starting point for David Claerbout’s 2D animated film is the 1967 Walt Disney classic The Jungle Book. In his 50 minute adaptation, Claerbout reshapes the story into one where the anthropomorphised troupe of animal characters behave as their species would do naturally and each frame of the original film has been meticulously redrawn by hand to create an entirely new experience.

Silence and time are key elements of investigation in Claerbout’s works. Here, tranquility prevails, emphasising the ambient sounds of the jungle. The passage of time is cunningly conveyed as the animals at times appear almost motionless, behaving in a manner in complete opposition to the rambunctious characters in Walt Disney’s version. Claerbout’s works often depict some everyday activity or familiar event but as time slowly passes the viewer is faced with the dilemma of how to process this altered reality and the artist’s intention. The works shift our established understanding of time and narrative and the relationship between them.