Praxis 7

Poetry performance

Praxis 7

With performances by Erin Robinson with Sophie Seita, and Iris Colomb

Friday 7 July, 7pm
£5 suggested donation

PRAXIS is an innovative live poetry series that seeks to bring experimental, digital, sound and visual poetry to the Parasol unit foundation for contemporary art. This series of events is curated by Simon Pomery in association with the Royal Holloway Poetics Research Centre.


Guest Poets and Artists

Erin Robinson is a poet, choreographer and author of Rag Cosmology based in Montréal.

Sophie Seita works with language on the page, in performance, translation, and through research. She’s based in Cambridge, UK, and New York.

Iris Colomb is based in London where she has given both individual, collaborative and interactive performances at a range of events as well as producing poetic responses to fine art exhibitions.

 Simon Pomery is a text-sound artist and Blood Music maker researching a PhD in innovative poetry and ethics at Royal Holloway.

PRAXIS: innovations in poetic practice”