Poetry readings

Poetry reading

Poetry readings

by Barry Schwabsky & Carol Szymanski

Tuesday 23 May, 7pm

Since Parasol unit opened its door to the public, poetry reading evenings have been a favourite. These exciting and enlivening events have been coordinated by the poet and critic Barry Schwabsky.

Our poetry evenings will continue with  Barry Schwabsky and Carol Szymanski on 23 May.

Barry Schwabsky, organizer of the readings series at Parasol Unit, is an American poet and art critic living in London. His Opera: Poems 1981-2002 is published by Meritage Press, and Black Square Editions recently published his pamphlet Tephra.

Carol Szymanski is an American artist living in London. Her work has been exhibited internationally, including one-person shows in New York, Los Angeles, Montreal, and Aalst, Belgium. Her current project is “cockshut dummy,” an ongoing sequence of texts and digital images.