Art + Science

Gallery talk

Art + Science

by artist Andy Charalambous

Thursday 12 February, 7pm
£6/4 conc.

In this talk, organised in relation to James Clar’s sculpture, ALL EVERYTHING, 2014, installed on Parasol unit’s terrace, artist Andy Charalambous will describe how he approaches science from an artistic point of view and show how this influences his work. He will overview his career path and the unconventional route he followed to become an artist.

Andy Charalambous is a London-based artist who works in a variety of media including digital, video, sculpture, installation and intervention. Originally trained as an engineer, he designed research instrumentation for Astronomy and High Energy Physics. Working closely with scientists and their research gave him access to opportunities and experiences such as flying telescopes on balloons in Texas, making instruments for telescopes in Hawaii and Australia, working at CERN, and making and installing aurora measuring instruments in the Arctic, which have inspired and informed his art. For the past decade Charalambous has been a full time artist. Inspired by science, he takes a single idea or scientific concept and develops work that communicates with audiences by creating an emotional reaction. He also aims to create work that provides the opportunity to search for further meaning and understanding.

As well as producing his own work, Charalambous is keen to promote closer relationships between artists and scientists and has curated a number of projects with specific scientific themes to bring artists and scientists together. In 2011 he was made Artist in Residence for the High Energy Physics group at University College London, and in the summer 2014 he became Artist in Residence for the Astronomy group at UCL.


Image: Andy Charalambous, Paradox, 2012. Courtesy of the artist.