Abstract Witness

Poetry workshop

Abstract Witness

with poet & musician Simon Pomery

Tuesday 11 July, 6:30pm – 8:30pm
£8 / £6 conc

With poet and musician Simon Pomery you will examine and discuss work by abstract painter Monique Frydman. Using this as a visual and sensual inspiration you will be guided through a series of writing exercises designed to unlock your creativity and use your critical faculty to engage with poems and texts that use abstract processes to ‘witness’ something new and exciting.

Simon Pomery is researching a critical PhD in experimental poetry at Royal Holloway. He curates PRAXIS, a series of text/sound events, and since 2013 has led poetry workshops inspired by the exhibitions at Parasol.

“Abstract Witness” is hosted in partnership with the the drawing shed: led by artists Sally Labern and Bobby Lloyd. Inspired by the work of abstract painter Monique Frydman, participants will turn towards the visual ‘frottage’ of the city, and reflect on their own experiences, offering opportunities for the poetic and the performative.


Image credit: Simon Pomery