A Brief Tour of the Universe

Gallery talk

A Brief Tour of the Universe

by Dr Andrew Pontzen

Friday 14 November, 6:30pm
£8/6 conc.

To complement James Clar’s light sculpture installed on Parasol unit’s outdoor terrace, we will welcome Dr Andrew Pontzen, a researcher in theoretical cosmology at UCL. He will lead us on a lightning tour of the universe and its continuing expansion. Along the way we will explore some of the strangest ideas in modern physics including dark matter and inflation.

Dr Andrew Pontzen is a Royal Society University Research Fellow in theoretical cosmology at University College London. His research spans the early universe to the present day, piecing together how our modern cosmos was built from ingredients like dark matter. He has spoken about physics at music and science festivals as well as other events across the UK and has appeared on shows including BBC Radio 4’s Infinite Monkey Cage, Human Zoo and Inside Science and BBC2’s Stargazing Live. He writes for New Scientist and BBC Focus magazines.


Image credit: Andrew Pontzen/Fabio Governato