Robert Montgomery: Estuary Poem for Wyndham Lewis + other works

29 November 2017

As part of Winter Lights at Canary Wharf 2018
15 – 27 January 2018

Robert Montgomery’s Estuary Poem for Wyndham Lewis brings the unique landscape and atmosphere of the Thames Estuary into the heart of Canary Wharf, reminding us of its historic connections to the water and the Thames. The ceremonial burning of the poem took place at dusk on Shellness Beach (the very last mile of the estuary as it meets The Swale and travels out to the North Sea), celebrating the unique landscape of the Isle of Sheppey and the ‘estuary lands’. Back in the studio the burnt fragments were carefully reconstructed and the rebuilt sculpture was then illuminated with neon and LED, creating a halo around the relic of the simple poem. Showing alongside is the atmospheric film of the burning of the poem on the beach, together with other work.

Estuary Poem is a reference to Wyndham Lewis’s play ‘Enemy of the Stars’, first published in excerpts in BLAST magazine in 1914. Lewis was a pivotal figure in British Modernism as co-founder of the Vorticist movement in art, and editor of the movement’s literary magazine, BLAST.

Robert Montgomery is currently showing his light sculpture POEM IN LIGHTS TO BE SCATTERED IN THE SQUARE MILE, 2017, as part of Parasolstice – Winter Light 2017 on the terrace at Parasol unit until 18 March 2018.