Martin Puryear solo exhibition at Museum Voorlinden

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07 December 2017

As Martin Puryear’s first London solo exhibition at Parasol unit ends we are delighted to announce a selection of his works from this exhibition will feature in his solo show at Museum Voorlinden in the Netherlands. The exhibition opens from 20 January through 27 May 2018.

For 50 years, Puryear has been creating a consistent oeuvre that defies classification in a single movement. Through his sculptures, he explores the themes of identity, culture and history. The artist places a strong emphasis on craftsmanship, sculpting his own works in traditional fashion and from natural materials. This exhibition features a broad selection of works from his sculptural oeuvre.

Puryear’s abstract forms appear organic and elementary, like a familiar – often human – form found in nature. The sensory and tactile objects have an immediate impact on the viewer. Their surfaces and textures bear witness to the number of man-hours invested in their making. Puryear’s works ask you to slow down for a moment. The multitude of perspectives in his work pull the viewer, time and again, into an experience that spurs the imagination.

If I were forced to describe my work, I’d say I’m interested in making sculpture that tries to describe itself to the world, work that acknowledges its maker and that offers an experience that’s probably more tactile and sensate than strictly cerebral, the artist says.