Julian Charrière: Towards No Earthly Pole, Aargauer Kunsthaus, Switzerland

Artists who have shown at Parasol unit

06 September 2020

Julian Charrière is currently presenting a solo exhibition titled ‘Towards No Earthly Pole’, at Aargauer Kunsthaus, Aarau, Switzerland until 3 January 2021.

The exhibition is centred around his eponymous new film which was conceived while aboard a Russian research ship for the first Antarctic Biennale in 2017. As a result of a series of expeditions made between 2017-2019, this contemplative film combines footage taken from different locations such as Antarctic, Greenland and Iceland, but also unusual local topographies such as the Rhone and Aletsch glaciers or Mont Blanc. Filmed at night, the spectacular landscapes Charrière captured are dramatically lit by a spotlight carried on a drone; as light tracks across the dark terrain, incredible shapes and tonalities of an almost otherworldly nature are revealed. Towards No Earthly Pole offers a unique vision of polar landscapes, inviting a the viewer to consider the delicate ecology and fraught geopolitical condition.

In 2016, Parasol unit presented Julian Charrière: For They That Sow the Wind, the artist’s first solo exhibition in the United Kingdom. It included sculpture, documented performance, installations, photographs and film.