Jimmie Durham: Titan, Sixth Ave, New York

Artists who have shown at Parasol unit

06 November 2020

Jimmie Durham is amongst a dozen artists making creative use of New York’s obsolete pay phone booths along Sixth Avenue, from Fifty-first to Fifty-sixth Streets before they are turned into Wi-Fi kiosks next year. The project called ‘Titan’ is curated by Damián Ortega and Bree Zucker and will continue until 3 January 2021.⁠ ⁠

In 2014, Parasol unit presented a solo exhibition of works by Jimmie Durham titled ‘Traces and Shiny Evidence’.⁠

Durham is an artist, poet and prominent writer. His eclectic artistic p­­­­­ractice spans five decades and is sustained by an investigative and remarkably creative mind. Primarily comprised of sculpture and installation, it also includes drawing, photography, performance and video. Many of his works are collages or collections of discarded objects and fragments of organic matter, the nature of which he intelligently and astutely transforms and often paints in dazzling colours. His work commonly refers to the attributes of mankind and animals, their life and past history.