David Claerbout: Laziness of Action, Kunst Museum, Winterthur

Artists who have shown at Parasol unit

12 September 2020

David Claerbout’s solo exhibition ‘Laziness of Action’, is now showing at Kunst Museum Winterthur until 15 Nov 2020.⁠

Claerbout’s works often depict some everyday activity or event that seems to be the subject of the work, but as time passes we as viewers face a dilemma in how to decipher the artist’s intention. The works not only alter our established understanding of time and the narrative process but also our notions of reality, illusion, and the relationship between them.

In 2012, Parasol unit presented David Claerbout’s first solo exhibition in a public London gallery and in 2019/2020 the foundation presented its second international project, The Pure Necessity by David Claerbout. The treasured Romanesque Chapel of San Bastiaun, in the village of Zuoz, Upper Engadin, Switzerland, provides a serene environment in which to view this intriguing 2D animated work.

David Claerbout, born in 1969 in Kortrijk (Belgium), has distinguished himself in recent years with video works that are as spectacular as they are multi-layered, evidenced by solo exhibitions in institutions around the world, including the Centre Pompidou in Paris in 2007 and the Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich in 2010. Equally numerous are his participation in shows, such as the 2nd Berlin Biennial in 2001 and the Taipei Biennial in 2004. Claerbout’s multimedia oeuvre – located, so to speak, between the media – aims at a fundamental reflection on visual genres. In his concentrated output, time becomes the decisive dimension of perception. The artist plays ingeniously with the forms of temporality in images, their possible elongations and condensations between moment and duration.