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Youth Project: Vital Matters15 - 17 February 2016

Youth Project: Vital Matters

Image credit: Jack Brown


Youth Project |Vital Matters with artist Jack Brown
10 am – 4pm | FREE | Booking required
Suitable for ages 9-14 yrs.

WORKSHOPS NOW FULLY BOOKED: For waiting list enquiries please contact Lala Thorpe.

This series of workshops offered young people the chance to explore and record their surroundings, fusing art and technology. Using field research, participants will use digital media, photography, drawing and sculpture, to collect and create visual recordings. Unique multimedia journals will be made by compiling the collections of visually stimulating compositions, sketches and writing.

An exhibition of the artworks was presented at Parasol unit at the end of the week: Fri 19 and Sat 20 Feb 10 – 6 pm.

Jack Brown is a socially engaged artist working across a range of mediums and media.


Trevina McFarlane
Tamira McFarlane
Eva Smith Guerra
Freya Nehill
Lenny Horrill
Bill Horrill
Jeremy Alling
Esme Nunnerley
Felix Nunnerley
Dylan Mann
Samson Riddihough
Sissili Cassidy
Isidora Howick
Sam Hewitt


Lead artist/expedition guide – Jack Brown
Project Co-ordinator – Lala Thorpe