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Youth Project: Experimental Animation16 - 22 February 2015

Image credit: Lightbox Cinema

Image credit: Lightbox Cinema


YOUTH PROJECT | Experimental Animation: Brain Dance, as part of Discover Young Hackney

Workshop programme

Monday 16 – Thursday 19 February: 3 – 5pm
Friday 20 February: 11am – 1pm

Free | Booking is essential | For ages 14 – 19 yrs
Please contact Nicola Pomery to book your place.

Over a 5-day project with Laura Kloss from Lightbox Cinema, participants can try their hand at experimental animation using both 16mm and digital mediums. The project will include 2 days of camera-less animation sessions in which participants will be able to create their own abstract animations on 16mm film using scratch techniques, pioneered by experimental artists such as Len Lye, Stan Brakhage and Norman McLaren. Participants will be invited to scratch, scour, and scrape away the emulsion on 16mm celluloid and doodle, smudge and pattern with paint and felt tip pens on clear 16mm leader. When played back through the projector the patterns created will come alive, dancing across the screen.

We will also bring the workshop into the 21st century for two days of stop-motion animation techniques with Digital SLRs and animation software. These sessions will learn the basics of stop-motion animation continuing the theme of expressive, abstract storytelling using paint, inks and collage techniques inspired by the paintings of Katy Moran. On the final day participants will work together to curate a public exhibition of their work at Parasol Unit and all the animations will be made available to stream online.

The project is facilitated by Lightbox Cinema in partnership with Chocolate Films Ltd.

Weekend exhibition
Saturday 21 February: 10am – 6pm
Sunday 22 February: 12 – 5pm

An exhibition of the work generated from both youth projects Brain Dance* and Invitation to a Voyage will be shown in the Events & Education Room.

Funded by Hackney Council, as part of Discover Young Hackney 2015.

Biography: Lightbox Cinema is a Hackney based initiative set up by Laura Kloss to teach and inspire children about cinema heritage. Through creative and interactive workshops children get to learn about cinematic treasures and film making techniques from the past. In an age where digital mediums are taking over we look back at silent cinema, 16mm film, magic lanterns, and the play of light and shadow in fun, innovative ways.

Chocolate Films is a film production company and social enterprise based in Brixton. Set up 12 years ago by award-winning Rachel Wang and Mark Currie, the company produces documentaries for charities, galleries, museums and heritage sites. Our in-house filmmakers are passionate about telling human stories. We outreach to over 25000 young people each year, providing creative public engagement courses, workshops and masterclasses in all forms of media and filmmaking. We have recently embarked on our latest flagship online programme creating a portrait of a city through the eyes of Londoners.

Brain Dance is taken from the title of Katy Moran’s work in the exhibition

Dear diary: Half-term project for teenagers to experiment with journals at the Parasol Unit

Amy Smith, Camden Review, 5 February 2015

Hackney Council
Lightbox Cinema