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Storytelling Family Workshop: Painting chance8 February 2015

Image credit: Parasol unit

Image credit: Parasol unit


Sunday 8 February, 2.30 – 4pm
£5 per family| Suitable for ages 5 – 15 yrs

The workshop will begin by looking at Moran’s exhibition, in particular how she ‘gets lost in the making of marks’ and ‘abandons control’ looking at the energetic application of paint and consider how these works are felt and what stories could be attached to them. The workshop will produce dynamic collaborative work from a series of activities in which the group work together.

There will be three activities. The first begins with everybody writing a couple of sentences about memories. These lines are placed in a bag and then each person picks a sentence at random, transferring the feelings of the memory into marks on the paper through paint and pen. Once the first marks are made the painting is then rotated in orientation and another sentence selected and the process repeats 4 times. 

The second activity begins with marks being made on paper with the eyes shut. Once completed the work gets passed to another person, who reflects on the marks and writes within the painting a short sentence/ a story in connection to what they see. This then is passed to another person, who closes their eyes and adds another layer of marks. This process is repeated 4 or 5 times.

The third activity will combine painting and collage. Beginning with making very fast marks on the paper this is then passed to another person to cut up into different shapes, these cut-ups are then passed to someone else to collage together to tell a story.

Biography: Alexandra Hughes is an Artist and Artist Educator, delivering both experimental and skill-based workshops to a range of ages and abilities.

Alexandra's own studio practice examines thresholds of time and place through Photography. Alexandra graduated recently from an MRes (Fine Art) from Northumbria University (2014) and previously an MFA from Slade School of Fine Art (2008) and a BA Hons in Photography from University College Falmouth (2004).


8 Feb 2:30pm