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Poetry performance: Praxis 68 February 2017

Praxis 6

Image credit: lo wie


Poetry Performance | Praxis 6
With performances by lo wie and Manfred Werder and guest Ryu Hankil.
Wednesday 8 February | 7 pm

£5 suggested donation| Booking required |

Set One

lo wie & Manfred Werder
Set Two

A.Typist (Ryu Hankil, lo wie, Manfred Werder)

This is the sixth instalment of an innovative poetry series, presented by Royal Holloway Poetics Research Centre and Parasol unit. Hosted in partnership with Royal Holloway University of London.

Manfred Werder - Composer, performer and curator who focuses on possibilities of rendering the practices regarding composition and field. His recent scores have featured either found sentences from poetry and philosophy, or found words from whatever sources. His performances, both indoors and outdoors, aim at letting appear the world’s natural abundance. Earlier works include stück 1998, a 4000 page score whose nonrecurring and intermittent performative realization has been ongoing since December 1997.

lo wie is Beckett's Typist and a member of A.Typist, and organizing a music composition concert series, namsan. Currently staying in London.

Hankil RYU is a musician from Seoul, born in 1975. He has organised a monthly event called RELAY since 2005 and established his own publishing office called The Manual. He is interested in finding an alternative musical structure possessed by abandoned objects like clockworks, typewriters and telephones. After discovering the instrumental possibilities of a typewriter, he started to collaboration project called ‘A.Typist’ with lo wie and Taeyong KIM. The collaboration’s results were released by The Manual and Mediabus as three CD+Book sets. He has also been a member of FEN (Far East Network) since 2008. As a different approach from his past works, in 2015, he started digital beats project called ‘pilot Ryu’ based on synthesis sound. 

Royal Holloway University
Praxis poetics


8 Feb 7:00pm